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1. Course syllabus

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Welcome to Web Systems Development. WebSys deals with developing Web applications, that is, solutions to business needs on the Web. The course is principally a survey of Web languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design and ASP/PHP/SQL. It includes instruction in information architecture and page/site design as well.

Frequently asked questions

What can I learn here?

  • ·How the Web works
  • ·History of Web and Internet
  • ·Principles of Web design
  • ·Marking up pages with styles
  • ·Scripting dynamic pages
  • ·Creating Web graphics
  • ·Integrating databases in pages
  • ·Principles of Web servers

How does the site work?

  • ·Six topics (HTML...) show at the top
  • ·There are over 33 lesson-pages
  • ·Pages are named and numbered
  • ·Page & site menus show at the left
  • ·The site is easy to search
  • ·Pages are easy to search
  • ·Type Ctrl-F to search a page
  • ·There is a large Site Map at the left
  • ·Save pages in Favorites/Bookmarks

How do I learn all that?

  • ·Read the numbered lesson pages
  • ·Practice with the Try-outs
  • ·Complete the Checkpoints
  • ·Take the Mastery Tests
  • ·Work the Exercises
  • ·Copy and run the sample code
  • ·Research the Web links
  • ·Print pages for later study

How does this page work?

  • ·Site name is at the upper left
  • ·Lesson number/name at top of page
  • ·Click on a top menu item to go to a chapter
  • ·Click on a left menu item to go to a topic
  • ·Click a heading to go to the top of a page


This site was an assigned textbook for a survey course at The University of Texas/Austin. Read on and let the Tryouts, Checkpoints and Mastery Tests below help you learn anytime without coming to a classroom.

Tryout    (change the markup then click the button)

Here is a very small piece of HTML markup. Change the content, or add to the markup to see the effect of the HTML in the browser without leaving the course page.

Checkpoint    (answer then click)

You have read how this site works. How can you quickly search for words in a WebSys lesson page? How to you retrieve the left-hand menus after you have scrolled down a page? Click the check point to confirm your answers.

Mastery test